Professional Photography & Photo Restoration

KC 150 Celebration

Your photographs are treasured memories of family, friends, and happy occasions. They are active keepsakes to love now and share with the next generation. Photos are an important part of your legacy.


Wilborn & Associates Photographers are experts at keeping your photographs and memories safely preserved to display or share. Photo restoration is our passion. We restore your photographs (black and white or color) to almost-new beauty. Our work is done by our trained staff right here on site in Kansas City, so you can trust that your photographs are never far from your reach.


Our staff will work with you to make any corrections to your photos, too, so the final print meets all your expectations. Our experts can work wonders! Even if you bring us a photo that is missing a piece or was damaged, we use 21st century techniques to make your photographs whole again. For damaged photos, we carefully copy your photo, and edit it to your specifications. We return your original photo to you in the same condition along with the new, restored photo.


We only use acid-free, archival quality products (just like museums) so the finished prints will endure. 

We can help you make new memories, too. Our team of photographers is available to capture all the smiles at your next family reunion. The circle of memories is endless!


"In the caves for over 45 years"


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